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Front end design and development services

Front End Design & Development Services


  • Interactive design
  • Graphic design

Responsive Web Design

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS
  • jQuery / Javascript
  • Speed performance optimisation


  • Web application development
  • jQuery/JSON
  • Data API's


  • Setup and development
  • Training


  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media
  • Video content

Web Design and Development

I design primarily for the screen. A major aspect to this involves designing for different screen sizes - called "responsive web design". I code using modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and ensure that the code is optimised to load quickly on all devices.

Content Management (CMS)

The ability to update you own website is very important. Equally important is being able to update and add content without breaking the design. Therefore it is important to set up a website template that integrates properly with the CMS. Providing training on using a CMS ensures your website continues to work correctly and stay up to date.

Content / SEO / Social Media

Content is the most important aspect to any website. Content considerations involve how well it reads to your audience, how well it works for search engines and how easy it is to share on social media platforms.

Nike web app projects

Nike Event Web Apps

Nike Air Max 2017 Promotion

  • iPad web app
  • Data capture
  • Video file upload
  • HTML email sent with attachment

Nike Air Max 2017 Promotion

During a two day promotional event at JD Sports Oxford Street customers were invited to have a short video made of them wearing the new Air Max trainers. The web app assisted the process by first collecting and storing the customer’s details. After the digital operative had processed the video file they were then able to quickly search for a customer, upload their video and send an email with the video file attached. All this happened while the customer was in store trying on a pair of Nike Air Max trainers.

Nike Mag Charity Promotion

  • iPad web app
  • Data capture and post to database
  • Retrieve and manage data

Nike Mag Charity Promotion

Nike's event in Oxford Street raised money for the Micheal J Fox Foundation. The app was used by store assistants to take customer details e.g. their shoe size and process cash and card payments.

Jan Middendorp

Jan Middendorp

  • Responsive web build
  • Retina display and mobile optimised images
  • Kirby CMS
  • Training

Jan has an extensive portfolio of work that spans decades. His website is designed to accommodate the different categories of work that Jan has produced in the field of graphic design: books, magazine articles, photography and mixed media.

Kirby CMS provided the base for a flexible template system to produce the categories and sub categories, allowing Jan to update and manage the content efficiently.

Morgan Oates Ltd

Website and SEO

  • Responsive web design
  • Kirby CMS
  • Training
  • Search engine optimisation

MowApp - Bespoke iPhone app

  • Web app HTML5/CSS3/jQuery
  • App Store set up
  • Adobe Phone Gap
  • JSON data
  • Google Sheets integration

Website and SEO

Website to promote Morgan Oates landscape gardening services. Responsive web design, built using the Kirby CMS. An ongoing search engine optimisation strategy to increase visibility in a crowded and competitive market.

MowApp - Bespoke iPhone app

The MowApp is designed for use by Morgan Oates’ garden maintenance team. The team visit several gardens in a day and have to log the tasks that they complete at each location. Previously this was all done on paper which was an inefficient process for the maintenance team as well as the accounts department. The app notifies the client by email as soon as a job is completed. All completed jobs are logged in a spreadsheet.

Ski 2 Freedom

Website and SEO

  • Content rich and search engine friendly
  • Responsive web design
  • CMS training
  • Ongoing development

Website and SEO

I have worked for the Ski 2 Freedom Foundation since its inception in 2007. In 2016 I redeveloped the entire website as the content had evolved and grown to such an extent that it was becoming difficult to manage. Rebuilding it vastly improved the ability of the charity to add and share useful information to its beneficiaries. The volume of content and means the site performs very well in search engines under a range of search terms.

Ski 2 TV - Video marketing

  • Video production
  • Content tagging to display on multiple pages on the website
  • Easy sharing for Facebook promotion

Ski 2 TV - Video marketing strategy

In 2015 the charity tasked me with raising their social media profile. I delivered a strategy of producing two minute video edits which are promoted on Ski 2 Freedom’s social media channels and displayed on relevant pages throughout the website.


  • Switch accessibility option
  • Colour contrast, pause animations
  • Video captioning
  • Open dyslexic font
  • User's choice stored using HTML5 local storage


Ski 2 Freedom aims to assist all types of disability so it was important that the website cater for accessibility issues. Best practice coding for accessibility is built into the side but I also built in extra features to aid readability. There is also an option to use the Open Dyslexic font on the site. This font was designed to aid readability for some dyslexic people. Using the font in combination with a different colour contrast background provides more options, which is important as not everyone has the same issue when it comes to accessibility.

Fifth Word Theatre

  • Responsive web design
  • One page project sites
  • Kirby CMS
  • Training

Fifthword Theatre required two separate sites for both sides of their business - theatre and community based projects. The same template is used for both sites and both run on Kirby CMS making it easy to manage and update both sites simultaneously.

An iPad micro site was required for one of their community based projects and used on site as in interactive learning tool.

Fifthword ran a playwriting competition which required anonymous submissions. This was managed through a one page website that allowed entries to be uploaded and stored without the judges knowing the name of the entrant.

Website for promoting exceptional examples of web typography.

Magazine style website featuring articles, websites and resources related to web typography.

  • Font data generated from MyFonts API
  • Web font examples built with SVG graphics and set responsively
  • Built with Kirby CMS
  • HTML5 local storage used to store fonts and speed up load time

Website for promoting exceptional examples of web typography.

Magazine style website featuring articles, sites and resources related to web typography. The site features pages webfont examples. Data related to each font is automatically generated from MyFonts API.

All the content can be easily shared on Facebook/Twitter.


Ed Noel qualified in Graphic Communication in 2003 at University of the West of England where his passion for digital imagery and web design helped forge a successful design and development partnership in Central Bristol. Trading as Pixel Lab, Ed and his business partner created an in-house CMS which was chosen for use on several large scale public sector and NHS web projects. Clients ranged from health specialists to fashion, design and the construction industry.

Since leaving Bristol to travel and work as a freelance consultant Ed has had the opportunity to work on multiple platforms with a broad spectrum of clients. His generous attitude toward gaining knowledge while developing a personal style and satisfying the needs of each client has proven a success with several well known commercial brands, small businesses and charitable social enterprises.

Ed’s knowledge and hands on experience of creating and managing content are key to the success of his latest venture, EN DD - Front End Design & Development. The brand encompasses Ed’s distinctive knowledge of web design and ‘front-end’ development to offer timeless, user-friendly business packages. Ed specialises in interactive design, content strategy, performance optimisation and CMS training for continued development, giving you the power to control your business profile.

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